We have been working on new initiatives to develop ESUA beyond phase II in 2011, both in Romania and internationally.

On 26. February 2010 we submitted in Norway through Moderno AS a funding application to the Lifelong Learning programme of the EU for a Leonardo da Vinci Transfer of Innovation project to develop the ESUA curriculum further. Part of this application are a series of new workshops in Romania and Turkey. Unfortunately the project was not awarded funding for 2010. However, much constructive feedback was given by the evaluators, so we have decided to improve the project application and to re-submit the project for the February 2011 deadline. 

A new project application has been submitted on 28 February 2011 for a Transfer of Innovation project under the Lifelong Learning programme. If awarded funding, the project will in 2011 - 2013 develop a new curriculum for the establishment of a new tertiary vocational school of architecture at the CPPC - Centre for Professional Training in Culture in Bucharest, a sub-unit of the Romanian Ministry of Culture and Heritage. The project has a total budget of 399.986 Euros, of which 75% are proposed to be funded by the Lifelong learning programme, and 25% by the project partners. We are optimistic on the outlook of being awarded funding in 2011.

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