External Evaluation

The EDUAC project hired Paul Murrain as external project evaluator. The conclusion of his evaluation is stated below:

"The curriculum report alluded to the Boyer Report, The Viseu Initiative and the Windsor Forum amongst others, as major gatherings of people who felt the need to radically alter the curricula of architectural education. I was privileged to be a part of the Windsor Forum. Whilst there are distinctions between them all they are bound far more than they are divided.

I may be wrong but I have yet to see any other group of people take these initiatives as far as this ESUA/EDUAC team has done, towards a fully considered 5 year programme and operating system. There is much to discuss and still a long way to go but we have never been further than this. I also have to say that this overall initiative is hard to fully comprehend. There are so many modules and courses and projects and programs, elements and fields, that to see the whole thing in the round is not easy. That is not a severe criticism of those who are attempting to manage complexity into a coherent operating system. It is simply a fact of what I have read and the progress to date and still remaining. But it is indicative of the complexity of the subject and a reminder and a warning to those who constantly seek to dumb these things down in the instant gratification of award seeking education programs.

Credit is deserved to all concerned: not only for the work they have done, but also for their willingness to put it out there knowing full well there is much more to be done. That is being inclusive and fully in the spirit of their ultimate endeavour.

If 5 years full time is the ultimate aim then we have to map out a way to get there. We need to change.

I am firmly of the view that this superb effort should be supported wholeheartedly through the next stage of its program.

Paul Murrain - London, UK, April 30, 2010"

Please find the full external evaluation report attached below.
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