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1. Whatever Happened to Urbanism?
An Introductory in the Principles of Sustainable Urban Design
By Michael Mehaffy

2. The Craft of Place
An Introductory Course in the Evolving Culture of Building
By Michael Mehaffy

3. What is Sustainable Urbanism?
An Introduction to Concepts, Metrics and Strategies
By Michael Mehaffy

4. The DNA of Place: An Introduction to the Topics of Local Identity, Heritage and the Art of Placemaking
By Michael Mehaffy

5. The Evolution of Design: An Introduction to Collaborative and Generative Processes in the Human Environment 
Collaborative design: Charrettes, Public participation, but also codes, etc
By Michael Mehaffy

6. Algorithmic Sustainable Design: The Future of Architectural Theory
By Nikos Salingaros